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Kingdom Empowerment Center
Supportive Opportunities for Advancement & Renewal

Kingdom Advancement & Renewal Centers

KERC partners with groups to promote renewal and restoration in peaceful scenic settings with access to coaching and therapeutic and spiritual intervention for special needs groups including seniors, leaders and individual gatherings.


Spacious bedrooms, queen and twin beds 2-4 to a room (up to 25-30overnight guests). Conference rooms, open concept gathering spaces and sunroom, fully equipped kitchen. Outdoor space and recreactional activities. Enjoy beautiful lakes, rivers, gazebos, firepit and so much more...


Provides supportive opportunities for advancement and renewal to spiritual leaders, other non-profit groups with a special emphasis on underserved and special needs groups utilizing therapeutic interventions for spiritual and physical health

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 Located in peaceful settings near rivers, mountains, or scenic vistas allowing participants to be refreshed and renewed to experience inner clarity; encouraging physical and spiritual health and direction. 

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